Code of Conduct

In every decision we make, the first question is what’s best for the kids!

Managers & Coaches are key to the establishment of ethics in Winsford Town. Their concept of ethics and their attitude directly affect the behaviour of players under their supervision. Managers & Coaches are, therefore, expected to pay particular care to the moral aspect of their conduct.

Players are the most important people in the sport. Playing for the team, and for the team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game. But not winning at any cost – Fair Play and respect for all others in the game is fundamentally important.

All Managers, Coaches, and Club Officials must abide by the Respect Code of Conduct Link below:

Winsford Town Managers, Coaches and Club Officials Code of Conduct

All Players must abide by the Respect code of conduct links below: 

Winsford Town Players Code of Conduct

All Spectator, Parents/Carers must abide by the Respect code of conduct links below:

Winsford Town Spectators, Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

Anyone that is not following the code may be asked to:

  • Apologise to whoever they have upset.
  • Receive a formal warning.
  • Leave the field of play.
  • Be banned for several games. 
  • Be required to meet with our Disciplinary committee, Club Welfare Officer. Complete a Safeguarding Children Workshop.  
  • Be asked not to attend any future games.


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